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RECESS Public/Private Partnerships

Prekindergarten Partnerships

Region 9 encourages public-private partnership conversations with districts, private early learning centers, and Head Start programs. Public-private partnerships rely on cross-sector collaboration and relationships to best serve the individual community and district needs.

Partnerships provide the opportunity to initiate and sustain a shared vocabulary and dialogue between leaders and influencers in early learning. Each partnering entity must continue to operate within its mandated guidelines. Beyond that, the shareable resources within a partnership are limitless.

Formal partnerships exist when eligible three- and four-year-old children are dually enrolled in subsidized child care with a Texas Rising Star 3- or 4-star facility or Head Start and Public school prekindergarten. This allows eligible students to receive wraparound care to better support the needs of working parents.

A FEW Benefits of Prekindergarten Partnerships for the community, families, and schools include: 

  • Enhanced services for children and families
  • A full day of care and education supporting working parents
  • Wrap around care for extended hours, holidays, and year-round care
  • Expanded training and professional development opportunities for early learning certified and non-certified staff
  • Cost to both programs, such as overhead, teacher salary, and supplemental staff
  • One location for parents
  • Additional funding sources
  • Child care providers share expertise on child development and services focused on children ages 0 – 5.

The greatest benefit of Prekindergarten Partnerships is the increased quality in early learning by aligning standards between school districts and early learning programs by providing continuity of school readiness initiatives throughout the community. 


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