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Gifted and Talented (G/T) Cooperative

The G/T Cooperative provides technical assistance to districts and charter schools in the implementation and evaluation of G/T programs. It also provides professional development in the area of gifted and talented education to classroom teachers, administrators, school board members, and parents. Classes on giftedness, differentiated instruction, and G/T curriculum design are available.

Services provided are:

Direct Student Services

  • Student day seminars on a rotation basis
  • Credit by Examination (without prior instruction) testing (13 dates a year)

Teacher Professional Development

  • Five-day training institute for teachers of the gifted
  • Training related to G/T curriculum design
  • G/T related classes as requested and summer professional development
  • Online G/T professional development

Technical Assistance—Identification

  • Policy writing and revision
  • Training of screening committees and review of identification process and procedure
  • Appropriate curriculum planning for students
  • Information and assistance related to Credit by Examination for students without prior instruction (testing dates available from the ESC with free testing available according to refined ADA)
  • A bank of assessments for G/T identification

Technical Assistance—Curriculum

  • Assistance in differentiation, documentation, and alignment
  • Assistance with portfolio development
  • Campus visitations and model teaching, as requested

Gifted/Talented services to all districts and charter schools include the following:

  • TEA Updates (G/T Coordinator's meeting twice a year)
  • Information on Advanced Placement, Pre Advanced Placement, Math Counts, Odyssey of the Mind, and Texas Future Problem Solving
  • Administrator/Counselor Training on nature, needs, characteristics, and program design for gifted students
  • Technical assistance and professional development opportunities

This program provides technical assistance to districts in implementing and evaluating Gifted/Talented programs. It also provides professional development in the area of gifted and talented to classroom teachers, administrators, school board members and parents. Workshops on giftedness, thinking skills, and G/T curriculum design for all teachers are available upon request.

pencilWorkshops and Information


sunshine            SUMMER SESSIONS            sunshine

GT Foundation Course Schedule for Summer: (Registration begins April 1, 2019)
Summer 2019 Face-to-Face at ESC9
Summer 2019 On-line Modules

GT Courses for Summer (Registration begins April 1, 2019)
Complete list including content areas

GT Summer Highlight Sessions (Registration begins April 1, 2019)
Sessions with Melanie Mayer, Independent Consultant 
Sessions with Marci Moore, MSU Innovation Specialist
Sessions with Vowery Carlile, Independent Consultant
Sessions with Sherri Lane, Retired Education Specialist
Session with Linda Borchardt and Casey Hunter, BISD

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