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Region 9 Education Service Center is providing a teacher, counselor, principal, and superintendent certification program online in partnership with Region 4 Education Service Center. The Region 4 teacher certification program is approved by the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC). Additional information regarding program approval and teaching credentials in the state of Texas can be found at the link below.  Program rules and requirements are subject to change at any time due to SBEC requirements.  

The program is an alternative certification program designed for college graduates who meet certain minimum criteria to obtain teacher certification through plans approved by the state of Texas and is considered an `alternative` route because it accomplishes certification outside of the traditional university program setting.

The program consists of approximately one semester of training and the choice to participate in a one-year teaching internship or twelve-week clinical teaching. During an internship, the participant serves as a teacher of record with the role and responsibilities of any first year teacher, including a first year teacher`s salary. Clinical teaching consists of a twelve-week, unpaid program in which the participant teaches in a classroom and is guided by a certified teacher.

After all program requirements are complete, including all training and the one-year internship or twelve-week clinical teaching, the intern will be recommended to the state for a standard teaching certificate.

For information about the Online Alternative Teacher, Counselor, Principal and Superintendent Certification Program or to apply online click here:

For additional information please contact Debbie Cummings at the contact information listed, or contact Region 4 directly at 713-744-8109. 

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