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Learning Resources Cooperative

An image of Sunday McAdams

Sunday McAdams

Instructional Resources Specialist
An image of Diane Balthrop

Diane Balthrop

Instructional Resources Specialist

The Region 9 ESC Learning Resources Cooperative provides leadership in the development and delivery of school library services.  A certified school librarian visits on-site to assist in library management services.  Each member is responsible for providing an aide who oversees the library media center on a daily basis. 

Services provided:

  • Purchasing and processing of books and materials
  • Coordination of the integration of the library resources into the learning environment
  • Training and technical assistance on library automation systems
  • Organization, shelving, weeding, and management of library materials
  • Training and technical assistance on online resources and programs.

TexQuest Reliable online resources for Texas public schools provided with support from the Texas Legislature in partnership with the Texas State Library and Archives Commision and Region 20.  Click the link to access the TexQuest homepage.

Contact Sunday McAdams or Diane Balthrop to obtain your school passcodes for both of these resources, as well as, scheduling on campus training for your staff.