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Prekindergarten/Early Learning Services

Region 9 provides services to assist districts and charters in providing kindergarten school readiness for prekindergarten students. Professional development and technical assistance related to Texas Prekindergarten guidelines, early childhood best practices, and other school readiness objectives are available.   Region 9 also supports the school readiness integration model, where resources from local school districts, Head Start programs, and child care facilities are coordinated to help preschool children acquire the skills necessary to transition successfully into kindergarten.

Key Principles driving school readiness integration include:

  • The preparedness of all children to enter kindergarten on or above grade level and ready to benefit from the full array of public education services to keep them on grade level in kindergarten and beyond.
  • The development and implementation of a school readiness integration model that is community-based and individualized in ways that best serve each community.



Preschool Program for Children With Disabilities (PPCD) CLI Engage/CIRCLE

Behavior/Social Emotional Skills

Professional Development 


Sensory Needs

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Self-Care for Caring Adults