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Local Library Websites:

Bowie Public Library 

Burkburnett Public Library

Electra Public Library

Gainesville – Cooke County Public Library 

Henrietta – Edwards Public Library

Nocona Public Library

Wichita Falls Public Library

Summer Activities to keep children actively engaged in learning! 

Websites:                                                                                                 Apps:                                                                           Endless Alphabet                                                                    Endless Numbers – Spanish and English

Storybook Nanny – you tube – free for teachers – must put child’s name on your roster so you can give free access to parents


Wiggle Worm – Uppercase                             

Wiggle Work – Lowercase



Summer Reading Log

Summer Family Fun Calendar

Getting Ready to Kindergarten Handouts

Saying Goodbye: End of the year transition

Get Moving Calendar    ENGLISH        SPANISH

Head Start Activity Calendar for Families – get ready for kindergarten!    

Smart Start PATT (Parents Are Teachers Too) – list of developmental skills children need to succeed as they enter school     


DECA Resources:

Breathing Techniques

How Do You Feel chart

DNA Process (Describe, Name, Acknowledge)


CIRCLE Progress Monitoring Parent Activities: (Spanish and English)

Social & Emotional Development

 Physical Development    Science Math

  Language & Communication

My Favorite Things

Playdough and Pasta

Bean Bag Balance

Water and Ice

Which Weighs More?

Let’s Tap and Count

Who Has More?

Say, Tell, Do

Listening Walk

Dramatic Play: Bakery

Post Office