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Requests for Proposals

Requests for Proposals 2018-2019

Multi Regional Purchasing Cooperative (Region 9 ESC, Fiscal Agent) –

  • RFP #2019-04 Copy Paper with Addendum 1 – issued 5/14/19  
    This Request for Proposal will allow member schools to place orders for copy paper - letter size (8.5”x11”), white (minimum brightness 92), 20#, acid-free, no recycled materials, US milled in pallet quantities.  A pallet consists of 40 cases, 10 reams per case, 500 sheets per ream.  Deliveries of 5 pallets or more will be made directly to district (see delivery details in part 3.7).  Orders under 5 pallets will be delivered as a group order to the regional Education Service Center, but will be billed to ordering district.

    To receive the proposal packet, contact Dana Parrish by email at or by phone at 940-322-6928.


Questions asked by interested vendors:

  • Is the previous Bid Award Contract/Tabulation available?  Who currently has the contract?
    A – This item is normally a part of our combined purchasing line item RFP that we issue annually in March with a closing date in April.  When we received the responses this year on our RFP #2019-01, the price of the letter size white copy paper had increased by over $14 a case (we normally spec at a case level).  Because we did not want to commit our member schools to that big of an increase without some forewarning, we did not award through that RFP, and instead issued #2019-04 at a pallet level and more consolidated delivery options to see if we could better pricing. 
    Our tabulation-evaluation of #2019-01 (on which we non-awarded copy paper items), can be found at this link: - then click on 2019-02 Combined Purchasing Line Item Final Tabulation/Evaluation (PDF icon on top row, right end). 

    The contract for copy paper is for a one-time purchase, so the last contract was with Flatt Stationers at a price of $24.62.  The award was made in April 2018, delivered in July 2018, and then was completed. The last awarded tabulation (from Spring 2018) can be found at this link: - click on 2018-01 Combined Purchasing Line Item under the Year 2018, under the Tabulation/Evaluation heading. 
  • Do you know if the driver would be required to provide a pallet jack at these locations?  A pallet jack would be needed to get the pallets to the back of the truck or to pull them onto a dock.
    A – Click on this link to see the answer to this question by participating school.


Catalog RFPs for 2019-2020

The Requests for Proposals issued by the MRPC are now closed.  Notification of award for RFP #2019-02 Instructional/General Catalog and RFP #2019-03 Technology Catalog will be made in July 2019.



Region 9 ESC – none open at current time.


For information on any RFPs, contact Dana Parrish, Administrative Support, or 940-322-6928.