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Midwestern State University Seeking Recruits for M.Ed and Ed.D Programs

Posted Date: 05/15/2024

Midwestern State University Seeking Recruits for M.Ed and Ed.D Programs

Midwestern State University is seeking recruits for their M.Ed and Ed.D programs in Educational Leadership.

M.Ed Options

MSU has reduced the number of hours for the M.Ed in two ways

  1. The applied research option is now 33 hours
  2. There is now an option for an M.Ed without applied research requiring a total of 30 hours.

A $1500 scholarship is available to students in the M.Ed EDLE program for students in Region 9,10 and 11, bringing the total cost to about $4500 for an M.Ed.

Ed.D Changes

There have also been some changes to the EdD effective Fall 2024. 

  1. The GRE requirement has been dropped.
  2. There is now a non-dissertation option.
  • We still have the Dissertation in Practice which is a non-traditional dissertation for those interested in a career path to higher education.
  • The non-dissertation option requires 3 publishable papers, one of which must actually be published in a peer-reviewed journal. This was created as an option for those who intend to continue their work in public schools or other fields.
  • Picking either path does not necessarily preclude you from switching to the other path nor prevent a career opportunity. It is simply an attempt to align education with career goals and expectations.

To view the M.Ed program flyer, click here

To view the Ed.D Overview, click here

For more information, visit or contact Matthew Capps at