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In cooperation with Kemp Center for the Arts and the Priddy Foundation, Region 9 is able to offer Art Classes to our schools.  These classes are taught by an adjunct art professor at Midwestern State University.  Each lesson is approximatly 50 minutes and is designed to meet current TEKS as outlined by the TEA. 

Kemp Center for the Arts will provide the neccessary art supplies and lesson plan for each class.  The classes are taught bi-weekly.  If you can’t participate live, please utilize the videos posted below to supplement your classes. 

To participate in these lessons, you will need the ability to either connect via traditional distance learning equipment or have a computer with a camera and micrphone connected to a monitor or projector.  For technical information, contact Derek Ford at 940-322-6928 or  To register your class for the lessons contact Christine Heidebrecht at 940-767-2787 or

Kemp Center Purpose Statement
"The purpose of the Arts Council is to Nurture and  Strengthen the Artistic, Cultural, and Educational quality
of our Community and the Surrounding Area."



November 1, 2016
Vincent Van Gogh

Ceramic Art Lesson



Mosaics Art Lessons