Region 9 is Closed 2/21/2018

Region 9 is closed today due to weather conditions.

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Carol Patterson Patterson, Carol
Child Nutrition Specialist
carol.patterson@esc9.netView Website
Paula Perkins
Perkins, Paula
Parent Coordination Network, Statewide Lead
paula.perkins@esc9.netView Website
Wes Pierce
Pierce, Wes
Executive Director
wes.pierce@esc9.netView Website
Christi Pirkle
Pirkle, Christi
Executive Services / HR Specialist
Shane Porter
Porter, Shane
School Improvement/High Reliability Schools Specialist
shane.porter@esc9.netView Website
Barbara Pruett
Pruett, Barbara
Student Accounting / PEIMS Specialist
Xochitl Pruit
Pruit, Xochitl
Adult Education & Literacy Career Pathway Navigator
Xochitl.Pruit@esc9.netView Website
Rita Reeder
Reeder, Rita
AT / PPCD / Low-Incidence Specialist
rita.reeder@esc9.netView Website
Misti Robinson
Robinson, Misti
School Business / PEIMS Specialist
Carla Rodgers
Rodgers, Carla
Federal Programs Fiscal Specialist
carla.rodgers@esc9.netView Website
Amy Rogers
Rogers, Amy
Transition / Secondary / PGC Specialist Website
Virginia Rose
Rose, Virginia
Department Secretary, Special Education / Head Start
Karla Rush
Rush, Karla
Department Secretary, Technology Services
Kami Segers
Segers, Kami
Receptionist / Management Services Support
Barbara Seigler
Seigler, Barbara
Professional Development Specialist
Barbara.Seigler@esc9.netView Website
David Sizemore
Sizemore, David
Building Maintenance Specialist
Debbie Standley
Standley, Debbie
Department Secretary, School Finance & PEIMS Services / Child Nutrition
Lynra Tackitt
Tackitt, Lynra
Special Education Academic Support Specialist
Lynra.Tackitt@esc9.netView Website
Lisa Taylor
Taylor, Lisa
GT/Online Learning Specialist
Lisa.Taylor@esc9.netView Website
Cindy Teichman
Teichman, Cindy
Coordinator, Instructional Support Services
cindy.teichman@esc9.netView Website
Brett Thomas
Thomas, Brett
Director of Technology Services
brett.thomas@esc9.netView Website
Judy Throneberry Throneberry, Judy
Menu Planning Analyst
Paula Tilker
Tilker, Paula
Dyslexia / Reading / 504 Specialist
Paula.Tilker@esc9.netView Website
Janelle Walta Walta, Janelle
Behavior/Discipline Specialist
janelle.walta@esc9.netView Website
Micki Wesley
Wesley, Micki
Director, Accountability & Compliance
micki.wesley@esc9.netView Website
Sharon West
West, Sharon
Head Start Education Services Manager / Monitor
Sharon.West@esc9.netView Website
Karen Yell
Yell, Karen
Head Start Family Services Specialist
Karen.Yell@esc9.netView Website
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